What is Housing Stabilization Services?

Housing Stabilization Services is a new Minnesota Medical Assistance benefit to help people with disabilities, including mental illness and substance use disorder, and seniors find and keep housing. Minnesota supports people with disabilities to live, work, and play in communities of their choice.

Various challenges and barriers can make it hard to find housing, budget, interact with landlords and neighbors, and understand the rules of a lease. Finding and keeping stable affordable housing is important to the health of Minnesotans.

The objectives of our Housing Stabilization Services are as follows:

  • To assist individuals in smoothly transitioning into housing
  • To enhance the prospects of long-term stability in housing within the community
  • To prevent any potential future instances of homelessness or institutionalization

At Noble Housing Services, we believe in upholding individuals’ rights to reside, labor, and engage in recreational activities within communities of their choosing, irrespective of any disabilities that may pose additional hurdles. Despite the presence of several obstacles, such as locating appropriate housing, managing finances, navigating landlord and neighbor relations, and comprehending the terms of a lease, we acknowledge the significance of securing stable and affordable housing for the well-being of Minnesota’s inhabitants.

Through our Housing Stabilization Services, we strive to assist individuals with disabilities and seniors in identifying and maintaining suitable housing options.

We at NHS offer the following HSS services:

  • Housing Transition – helps you plan for, find, and move into housing.
  • Housing Sustaining- helps you keep housing after move in.
  • Housing Consultant- helps develop a person-centered plan if you don’t have MA case management.

How to Get Services

couple smiling while a woman holding a key to their house