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At Noble Housing Services, we believe in upholding individuals’ rights to reside, labor, and engage in recreational activities within communities of their choosing, irrespective of any disabilities that may pose additional hurdles. Despite the presence of several obstacles, such as locating appropriate housing, managing finances, navigating landlord and neighbor relations, and comprehending the terms of a lease, we acknowledge the significance of securing stable and affordable housing for the well-being of Minnesota’s inhabitants. Through our housing stabilization services, we strive to assist individuals with disabilities and seniors in identifying and maintaining suitable housing options.


Our mission at Noble Housing Services is to ensure that individuals with disabilities and seniors have access to stable, affordable housing, fostering inclusive communities where everyone can thrive with dignity. We provide comprehensive housing stabilization services to address unique challenges and support individuals on their journey toward housing stability.


Our vision is to create inclusive communities where individuals with disabilities and seniors have access to stable and affordable housing, enabling them to thrive and live with dignity. We envision a future where housing is not a barrier but a foundation for individuals to build their lives upon.

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